Raymond Foster




April 20







Raymond is a hunter in Unit III. He doesn't stand out as much as the other hunters, often finding himself getting pushed around. He joined the hunters to seek out a witch.

History Edit

Raymond is a resident of Terra, an island country off the coast of Delios. Eight years ago the country of Terra fell under a terrible curse. Everyone on Terra's soil turned into a tree overnight. Raymond was not in Terra at the time, but everyone he knows and cares about has fallen under this curse. He now seeks out the earth witch with the hope that she can heal the people of Terra.

Relationships Edit

Hadia Grim Edit

Though Hadia is his captain, the two do not get along very well. He is very intimidated by her and she makes it very clear she has no respect for him.

Ericka Lynn Edit

Though the two of them are in the same unit, not much is known about their relationship. They appear to have at least a somewhat positive relationship, as the two of them were seen dancing at the hunter dinner party and Ericka defended Raymond while Hadia ranted about him.

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