Gerald Grand




June 11







Grand is the hunter in charge of Unit I and the founder of the hunting units. He is also Michelle's father. He formed the hunting units five years ago.

Relationships Edit

Michelle Grand Edit

Grand appears to get along very well with his daughter. The two of them are often seen goofing around when they're together. Grand has stated that Michelle is his world, and he has threatened others when it's come to her safety.

Leonard Derrin Edit

Though Grand went out of his way to get Leonard recruited into his units, he has made it very clear he doesn't care for him at all. He has gone out of his way to threaten Leonard for the sake of Michelle's protection. Why Grand pulled so many strings to recruit Leonard is currently unknown.

Cyran Antinous Edit

The exact nature of their relationship is unknown, but Grand has shown fondness for Cyran. He has stated that Cyran is the best hunter in the units, and went as far as to give a toast in his honor.

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